6 Good Habits For Better Oral Health


Everyone desires to have a better smile. This requires making baby steps to promote good oral health. It might include strategies such as quitting smoking and getting more organised. However, you can incorporate some habits into your lifestyle that will do wonders for your teeth. Here are some 6 good habits for better oral health and of course a better smile.

Avoid using the same surfaces always

Using the same water bottle for many days comes with a risk of unchecked bacterial growth. The trick is to always clean and sanitize coffee mugs, hand towels, water bottles, and kitchen sponges regularly. You are likely to find yourself getting sick less often. Ensure to wipe down the keyboard and make the children to wash their hands. Additionally, toothbrushes need sanitization suing an antiseptic cleaner to limit the spread of diseases and for a cleaner mouth.

Breathing through the nose

Nasal breathing is better than breathing through the mouse. It might help to alleviate nasal inflammation from colds and allergies. During strenuous exercise, nasal breathing is highly recommended to get more oxygen. This is because the nose is narrower to promote long slow exhaling allowing the lungs to absorb more oxygen. It’s a wonderful idea to limit snoring. Breathing through the mouth dries out teeth limiting saliva. This is important in neutralising and rinsing bacterial excretions away.

Preventive visits to the dentist

Regular check up at a reliable Prince George dental clinic is an excellent idea to ensure you have good oral health. Perhaps you don’t remember when you last visited the dentist. Now is the time to get your life back on track by going for a dental check up. It might help detect any silent dental problems such as gum disease and tooth decay before they become severe. Such conditions are more treatable when in their earliest stages.

Limit refined sugars and flour in your diet

Perhaps you know that sugary sweets and soft drinks are not good for your dental health. Well, it’s important to understand that processed white flour is not good too. The solution is to opt for whole grain bread instead of white bread. It’s a better option for the body and teeth to stay healthy longer.

Limit alcohol

Excessive drinking of alcohol is not good for your health. It’s bad for your liver, waistline, and comes with a higher risk of oral cancer. The disease might be caused by oral irritants including:

  • Chronic lesions
  • Tobacco products
  • Taking too much alcohol

Regular flossing

To lessen chances of gum disease and tooth decay, regular flossing is highly recommended. This is also good for your heart. Regular flossing lessens chances of gum disease, which might cause other diseases such as cancer, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and other serious health complications. Bleeding gums when you have gum disease allow harmful bacteria into the blood stream. Regular flossing lessens chances of all those complications.

Final thought

To have good dental health requires visiting the dentist for check up and cleaning. A professional Prince George dentist will offer assistance to keep your teeth and gums healthy for a better smile.