Are stained teeth a major cause of embarrassment for you? Though people generally think that the colour of the teeth is white, tooth enamel can be of various shades. It can change colour as you age or get stained due to smoking, consumption of coffee, etc. At Rapha Dental Centre, we offer a wide range of teeth whitening options. These options range from gentle surface whiteners to stronger ones for removing deep stains.

During the initial consultation, we will assess whether you are suitable for teeth whitening treatment. Once your suitability is confirmed, we will discuss the available options with you. Your safety and comfort is our primary concern. Therefore, you need to choose an option with great care. We offer three major types of teeth whitening-professional strength crest 3D white strips, in-office teeth whitening, and custom & personalized teeth whitening trays.

  • Personalized teeth whitening trays- One major concern of most patients is teeth sensitivity because of a weak enamel. Therefore, it is essential to opt for an option which reduces sensitivity and offers satisfactory results. We can create tailor-made teeth whitening trays which perfectly fit against your teeth. Such a tray will increase the time period and thoroughness of the whitening gel’s contact with your teeth.
  • In-office teeth whitening solutions- The in-office whitening solution which we use has a strong bleaching gel can be used in order to whiten one or more teeth, parts of a tooth, or the whole mouth. In case you opt for it, you will get a trustworthy, professionally applied product which will ensure satisfactory results.
  • Professional strength crest 3D white strips- Professional strength crest 3D white strips are the ideal solution for those people who are looking for a quick and simple solution. You can use these for whitening your teeth anywhere, and at any time. Our whitening strips will be molded according to the shape of your teeth, and provide you with satisfactory results which can last up to one year. These strips need to be applied once a day for a period of 30 minutes. You will be having a whiter smile within three days and full results within a period of 20 days. This is one of our most well-known teeth whitening treatments.