Desensitizing is a dental treatment process which is usually done for gradually exposing a dental patient (usually children) to a new dental experience. There are certain cases in which dentists apply bonding resin to the sensitive surfaces of root surfaces for curing the exposed area.

When should you opt for desensitizing treatment?

When you experience pain and discomfort while having cold, hot or sweet drinks or while breathing in cold air, this could be because you have sensitive teeth. Your teeth can become sensitive due to root exposure, leaking fillings, erosion, and wear out along edges. Roots tend to wear out much quickly since a tooth is much softer at its root. Tooth hypersensitivity is a dental issue which causes discomfort and severe pain. The dentist may apply fluoride to the sensitive areas in order to check the pain.

What types of treatment do we offer?

At Rapha Dental Centre, we have considerable experience in performing root exposure treatment. While examining your teeth, we will ask whether you have any sort of discomfort or not. We will also check the gum line to check for issues like exposed roots and gum recession. In case you have an exposed tooth root, our dentists might explain to you the steps you can adapt to check further gum recession.

We may also prescribe you to replace your usual toothpaste with a desensitizing treatment to reduce your discomfort. In case the exposed root causes high sensitivity, then we may prescribe the following treatments-

Gum grafts- In case you have lost your gum tissue due to gum recession, then we will perform a surgical gum graft for covering the root, protect your teeth and check sensitivity.

Composite fillings- We may opt for composite resin filling for covering your root and protecting the teeth. They will close the gaps existing between your teeth and will protect the gum tissue from oral bacteria.