To ensure that your dentures last longer and fit in a better way, you need to take good care of them.

Here are some tips which you can follow to take care of your dentures in the best way possible:

How should you clean dentures?

As in the case of natural teeth, plaque can form on dentures. They may appear less white if they are not removed on a daily basis. You also need to clean your dentures using a dental brush before leaving them in a cleanser solution for soaking. This will help in checking odour. Clean the dentures over a water-filled sink to make sure that they don’t break if you drop them accidentally. Rinse them in warm water to remove all loose food particles.

Use a denture brush to apply denture cleanser for cleaning all surfaces of the denture. Make sure that you don’t brush too hard since the metal or plastic parts can be damaged. Rinse and brush using warm, clean water. Brush your tongue, gums and natural teeth using fluoride toothpaste before reinserting the dentures.

Tips for denture care

  • Clean dentures regularly-Brush your dentures in the same way you brush your teeth. But avoid using toothpaste as they can damage your dentures. Use soft-bristle dentures, specifically meant or cleaning dentures and water for brushing their entire surface. Use water to rinse your dentures after each meal.
  • Handle the dentures with care-Place a folded towel on your sink when handling the dentures. This will ensure that they don’t break in case they fall into the sink. When you are not using them, leave your dentures to soak in cool water for drying.
  • Take off your dentures each night-This will ensure that the gum tissue beneath your dentures gets adequate rest.

How should you remove dentures?

Wash your mouth with warm water and fill the sink with warm water to ensure that the dentures don’t break if you drop them accidentally. Take off the top denture by placing your thumb against your front teeth and pressing it to the front. Remove the lower denture by pulling it off slowly.