Dental implants are used for replacing roots of teeth and for anchoring a bridge, denture, or a single dental crown. At Rapha Dental Centre, we offer dental implant treatment for a single tooth, several teeth and all teeth (fixed and removable).

  • Single tooth- You can opt for a single dental implant to replace an entire tooth if you have experienced decay, fracture, or trauma. A dental implant includes three parts-the implant fixture which is placed directly into the bone, the abutment that connects the implant to the crown and the viewable crown.
  • Several teeth- We use dental implant bridges to replace several teeth. They bridge the gap where the teeth are missing. In contrast to the usual bridge in which some healthy teeth are crowned for anchoring the prostheses, a dental implant is supported by the implants which have been placed directly within the jaw without handling any healthy teeth.
  • All teeth (fixed)- On losing all your teeth, there is a considerable change in your appearance. Your ability to eat in a normal manner is also hampered. By opting for a full fixed restoration, you can regain your appearance and also eat as you always do. At Rapha Dental Centre, we offer two types of full, fixed solutions-fixed denture, and fixed full arch implant bridge.
  • All teeth (removable)- We surgically place implants on your jawbone, altering or averting further bone & gum loss and reconstruct your natural face shape. Our implants offer a solid base for sticking the denture or bridge and help in restoring your confidence to smile. We use screws to fix the denture or bridge, offering your new teeth with a natural feeling.

A removable denture is used to hold dental implants in place and make your mouth feel secure, once all your teeth have been removed. In contrast to normal ventures, dentures are secured by implants won’t move when you are laughing or chewing. Therefore, you won’t feel discomfort which is usually associated with loose, misfit dentures. Such an option allows you to remove and clean the dentures on your own.