Invisalign is a type of tailor-made aligner which is interchanged between a fortnight for a period between six-eighteen nights or longer depending on the extremity of misalignment. It is widely used by dentists for orthodontic treatment as a technique for moving and accurately aligning teeth to help patients acquire a presentable smile. Such an aligner is computer generated using a mold or impression of a patient’s teeth. The fitting of an Invisalign is distinct according to the needs of each patient.

When should you opt for Invisalign treatment?

Deciding whether you would opt for Invisalign can be a bit challenging. Invisalign is often prescribed by dentists to patients who want to adjust the overall alignment of their teeth. While using Invisalign, the aligners can be removed whenever required. Aligners help in cleaning a patient’s teeth more thoroughly. Invisalign provides a high level of comfort to a patient while undergoing orthodontic treatment. During the consultation, a dentist will confirm whether Invisalign is suitable for you. It is effective in treating overbites, underbites, treating gaps, and crowding.

What type of treatments do we offer?

At Rapha Dental Centre, we have vast experience in performing Invisalign treatment. Some steps which we follow to conduct Invisalign treatment are mentioned below-

  • Once you decided to undergo Invisalign treatment, we will create a tailor-made plan for you. The treatment will start off with digital x-rays, moulded impressions and photographs of your teeth for creating a digital road-map which we will follow. Using Invisalign software, we will predict how your teeth are likely to change over time with Invisalign. We will also show how your teeth will look like weeks, months, and after the end of the treatment.
  • An Invisalign functions by fabricating tailor-made plastic aligners. During treatment, these aligners will be replaced every two weeks with a new set. Once the aligners are available, special fasteners will be bonded to your teeth so that you can clip in your aligners easily. Each set of aligners we offer will be designed for fitting where the teeth will end up after a fortnight. Therefore, you may feel a bit uncomfortable for the first few days. Once you adjust and the aligner fits perfectly, the Invisalign will start working.