A bridge is a tailor-made replacement tooth which is used for filling the space created by missing teeth. Dentists use existing natural teeth or implants from either side of a missing tooth to support the bridge. A bridge can help to restore your smile and ability to chew and speak in a proper manner. It also helps in maintaining the shape of your face.

When do you need to go for a bridge?

In case you have lost a tooth recently because of natural causes, injury or cavity, then a bridge is a viable option using which you can restore your smile. A dentist may also recommend you to opt for bridge placement if you feel pain while chewing or discomfort within your jaw.

What type of dental treatments do we offer?

At Rapha Dental Centre, we place three types of bridges for filling area created by missing teeth. They are mentioned below-

Traditional Bridges-This is one of the most common types of bridges which are used by dentists. They are created by fusing metal with ceramic or porcelain. A dental crown is created from teeth on both sides of the missing tooth with an artificial tooth in between.

Maryland Bridges-Maryland bridges are made from a metal framework in which the artificial tooth is attached to either porcelain or metal wings which are cemented to two abutment teeth. This is a suitable alternative for patients who don’t want to opt for a traditional bridge.

Cantilever Bridges-These bridges are used when a patient lacks two teeth on both sides of the missing tooth. Abutment teeth which are next to one another are braced and the artificial teeth are attached to its end.