Full mouth rehabilitation processes are best suited for patients who want to enhance the health and appearance of their gums and teeth. At Rapha Dental Centre, we use a combination of restorative and cosmetic to resolve problems such as broken, decayed, worn, discoloured, or loose teeth. Factors like an oral injury or natural aging process can cause serious issues with teeth and gums. As there are many options for full mouth rehabilitation, there are numerous benefits related to this procedure. Some of them are-

    • Enhancement of teeth which have a worn-down appearance
    • ┬áTreatment of gum disease
    • Enhancement of conditions related to TMJ Disorder
    • Rectification of teeth affected by damage and decay
    • Missing teeth replacement
    • Enhancement of teeth affected by cracks and chips.

Are you a good candidate for the treatment?

You can be a good candidate to undergo treatment if-

  • Your jaw pops or clicks
  • You experience pain in your jaw or recurring headaches due to the grinding of the teeth
  • Your teeth are fractured or damaged by injury or accident
  • Your teeth have been worn out by acid erosion over a long time period from grinding and diet
  • Your bottom teeth are completely covered by your top teeth.

What treatment options do we offer?

The treatment option will depend on your specific needs and may involve restorative and general dental care processes or the latest techniques associated with cosmetic dentistry. Some of our cosmetic and restorative dentistry services for full mouth rehabilitation include-

  • Inlays or onlays
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Traditional Metal Fillings
  • Dental Implants, Bridges and Crown

In case oral trauma or dental negligence causes problems in day to day functions like chewing, then our experienced dentists can detect the cause of the issue and resolve it through full mouth rehabilitation. Each full mouth rehabilitation treatment plan is tailor-made to meet the distinct oral health and cosmetic goals of our patients.

Our dentists will also explore options available on the basis of how you would prefer the treatment to be done. Our team will start off with an initial consultation to gain a clear understanding of your needs and preferences. Then, we will conduct x-rays, gum evaluation and examine your TMJ and bite to ensure that you are satisfied with the treatment.