Complete dentures are a type of removable device which is used as a replacement for missing teeth. The denture teeth are developed from porcelain or acrylic. An acrylic base holds them together. Full dentures are required when you lose all your teeth for maintaining your natural appearance.

When should you opt for complete dentures?

In case you have lost most of your natural teeth, a dentist may suggest the removal of the remaining ones. Though dentists can design dentures to accommodate natural teeth, they are more expensive and are in short supply. Therefore, it is wiser to have the remaining teeth removed for fitting a complete denture. For doing this, the dentist will take a cast of your mouth. After taking the measurements, a set of dentures will be created as a temporary solution while your jawbone and gum tissue recover from the dental extractions.

What type of treatments do we offer?

At Rapha Dental Centre, we offer three types of complete denture treatments. Some of them are mentioned below-

Over-Dentures-These dentures use either dental implants or existing teeth in order to balance a denture and help in retention and stability. Over-dentures are designed in various ways. Some are fabricated in such a way that they snap into place.

Immediate Ventures-In this type of treatment, we extract all teeth behind the canines. The tissue is left to heal for a period of 8 weeks. So, the patient can still smile during the healing period. After the tissue heals, the denture is fabricated. The denture is delivered on the day the remaining teeth are extracted. Therefore, the patient is never without his or her front teeth. These dentures need to be relined within a period of 3-6 months as tissue changes occur after extractions are completed on the day the denture is delivered.

Conventional Dentures-In case of a conventional denture, all teeth are removed at least 8 weeks in advance before the denture’s fabrication. This enables the tissues to heal from extractions and ensures that the denture fits perfectly and the tissue below the denture isn’t healing and changing shape. Fabricating complete dentures in this manner is highly accurate. But if a patient doesn’t have a denture already, he or she would be without teeth during this period.