Root canal treatment is required when a big cavity or injury damages the root of a tooth, causing it to become inflamed or infected. During the treatment process, the pulp and nerve are removed. The inner part of the tooth is then cleaned and sealed.

When do you need to opt for a root canal treatment?

All types of dental pain are not indications of root canal treatment. There are a number of symptoms which confirm that the infection is severe enough for you to opt for root canal treatment. Serious teeth pain while eating or when pressure is applied to the area is one of them. Other major indications include darkening of the tooth and tenderness or swelling in gums close to the area of teeth pain.

What types of treatment do we offer?

At Rapha Dental Centre, we adopt a number of steps to perform root canal treatment. Some of them are mentioned below-

Root Canal Cleaning-First and foremost, our dentists remove everything from the root canal. After applying local anesthesia, we create a small access hole on the tooth’s surface to remove the dead, infected pulp tissue using minute files.

Filling of the Root Canal-After cleaning the root canal, we shape and decontaminate the hollow area with the help of minute files and irrigation solutions. Following this, we fill the tooth with a rubber-like material by using adhesive cement for sealing the canals. Once the root canal therapy is complete, there is no sensation on the tooth. Patients don’t experience any pain because of the removal of the nerve tissue.

Addition of a Crown or Filling-After the root canal gets filled, the tooth is more fragile than it was earlier. Since it has no pulp, it receives nourishment from the ligament which connects it to the bone. Though there is enough supply, gradually the tooth will become more brittle. The presence of a filling or crown ensures protection. Till the crown or filling is completed, the patient should not bite or chew with the tooth. Once the crown or filling is complete, the patient can use it as he or she used to do earlier.