Dental night guards are often prescribed by doctors to people who have a habit of grinding their teeth while sleeping. Tooth grinding (bruxism)usually happens at night without patients actually being aware that they are doing it. Prolonged tooth grinding can cause several issues not only with teeth but jaw as well. In case it is not treated, tooth grinding can cause broken, chipped, cracked teeth or headaches.

When should you opt for a night guard?

If a dentist has diagnosed that you have a habit of teeth grinding, then it is a cause of concern. Some of the common symptoms of teeth grinding include tooth sensitivity, neck or facial pain and flat or chipped teeth. A night guard is an ideal option under such circumstances. This type of guards is of better quality & fitting than what you would come across in a medical store. They are created in the lab after taking an impression of a patient’s mouth.

What type of treatments do we offer?

At Rapha Dental Centre, we are adept at resolving the issue of teeth grinding through use of the latest types of night guards. The night guards which we use are mentioned-

Soft Plastic Mouth Guards-These is one of the most widely used and flexible types of night guards. It is best suited for patients who have a problem with moderate teeth grinding.

Hard Acrylic Mouth Guards-These night guards are prescribed by dentists to patients who have an issue with chronic teeth grinding. In some cases, these guards are attached to the teeth using metal clasps and leave little room for grinding the teeth. They have a longer lifespan. But they have less flexibility as compared to soft plastic mouth guards.

Double Laminated Dental Mouth Guards-Double laminated dental mouth guards are equipped with a soft inner layer and hard outer layer. They are often recommended by dentists since they offer a high level of satisfaction to patients.