Minerals like fluoride, phosphate, and calcium help in the creation of tooth enamel, dentine, and bone. As a person ages, he loses the minerals present in his teeth. This might happen because of consumption of sugary and acidic foods or because of the accumulation of bacteria within the mouth. Once you lose your enamel or bone, there is no treatment process through which the tooth can be replaced entirely. But it is possible to replenish minerals like fluoride through a process called remineralization.

When do you need to undergo remineralization treatment?

Remineralization is one of the best methods for checking cavities. It is often prescribed by dentists for patients who want to minimize tooth sensitivity or reclaim the functioning of damaged teeth. Adding food which is a rich source of minerals and vitamins like fish, cheese and eggs to your diet can also help in the remineralization process.
Minerals like fluoride, phosphate, and calcium get redeposited in your teeth’s enamel layer from food items. Fluoride can help in checking tooth decay from acid attacks from plaque bacteria and sugars present within your mouth.

What type of treatments do we offer?

At Rapha Dental Centre, we perform remineralization treatment by using fluoride. Some steps which we adopt in our treatment process are mentioned below-

  • First and foremost, we apply fluoride to the patient’s teeth in the form of foam, gel or varnish. Such treatments contain a greater amount of fluoride as compared to toothpaste.
  • We paint varnishes on the teeth of the patient. Foams are put inside the mouth guard before applying to the teeth for a span of one to four minutes. We paint or apply gel by using a mouth guard.

In certain cases, we suggest patients use fluoride supplements available as tablets or liquids for usage post treatment.