Dental veneers are thin covers that are fixed to the teeth to provide them a better shape and look. They are best suited for people who have chipped teeth, a gap between teeth, or misshaped teeth. Dental veneers protect the surface of damaged teeth and also reshape and whiten the teeth of patients. Be it cracks, chips or any other type of damage to a tooth, they are a viable solution for multiple dental problems.

When should you consider opting for veneers?

In most cases, dentists recommend patients to opt for porcelain veneers to resolve issues like gaps between teeth, discolored teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, eroded enamel, slight crookedness of teeth and misshaped teeth. In some cases, a patient’s teeth can become discolored to an extent when professional whitening is ineffective. In such a situation, veneers are the best option to whiten your teeth.

What type of treatments do we offer?

At Rapha Dental Centre, we usually take two appointments to complete the treatment process. In case we use a prefabricated veneer, it takes one appointment. Usually, a veneer is made in a lab, it takes two appointments. We adopt the following steps to place a porcelain veneer made in a laboratory-

  • Local anesthesia isn’t needed during veneer placement. We use it occasionally, keeping in mind a patient’s sensitivity. Our dentist will clean the tooth and decide the right shade for the veneer. The dentist will remove a minimal amount of enamel of your tooth to ensure that there is ample space to place the veneer.
  • We will take an impression of the tooth which will be made in the lab. We will place a temporary veneer over your tooth.
  • Once the porcelain veneer has been created in the lab and delivered to us, we will remove the temporary veneer and clean the tooth using water and pumice. Following this, the veneer is etched, rinsed thoroughly using water and air dried. We then place the adhesive on the preparation. After this, cement and veneer are placed for perfect fitting and contouring.
  • We will then light cure the veneer for a period of 60 seconds on all surfaces before attaching it to the tooth structure.
  • Following this, we will remove the excess material before polishing the veneer’s margins.