The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) guides movements of the jaw. Issues related to TMJ are called temporomandibular joint disorder. Such a problem can happen due to issues related to teeth alignment, chronic clenching of the jaw at night and bad posture habits. At Rapha Dental Centre, we recommend a treatment plan to patients which can include home care treatments in addition to dental treatments. Moreover, we suggest other supplement treatments by other doctors like physiotherapists and cranial specialists.

How can you be sure that you need to see a specialist for TMJ pain therapy?

If you are experiencing pain or tenderness in your jaw, have an aching pain in your face or in and around your ear, you need to consult a specialist for TMJ pain therapy. A TMJ specialist will discuss the probable causes and treatments for your problem. He will examine your bite and facial muscle and assess your jaw tenderness and pain. He may also take x-rays to check for irregularities in your teeth, jaw, and jaw joint.

What treatments do we offer?

At Rapha Dental Centre, we offer a number of treatment options for TMJ pain therapy. Some of them are mentioned below-

Stabilization Splints-Our dentists may suggest you opt for a stabilization splint, which is a type of plastic guard that will be fitted over your upper or lower teeth. These appliances are widely used for treating TMJ disorders.

Trigger-point injections-While performing this treatment, we will inject an anesthetic or pain relief medication within your tender facial muscles. Before the injection has a desired effect, you will need to stretch your jaw muscles.

Surgery-We recommend only those patients for whom all other types of treatment have failed. In case issues related to pain and functionality continue, you will need to undergo surgery for cure. Patients who have been suffering from a degenerative disease or injury caused by an accident may also require surgery.