Sports guard is a type of device which is worn over teeth by people for protection to the face. Also called mouth guards, they usually cover the upper teeth and are designed for protecting broken teeth, cut lips, etc. In case you wear braces or bridges on your lower jaw, a dentist may prescribe you to use a sports guard also.

When should you opt for sports braces?

Sports guards are usually used by people who are involved in body contact sports and are vulnerable to injuries on the face. A sports guard ensures hassle-free swallowing breathing and normal speech. It does not cause gagging and is odourless. Sports guards are highly effective in protecting the user’s teeth from injuries caused by accidents while skateboarding, cycling or riding a scooter.

What type of treatments do we offer?

At Rapha Dental Centre, we have the experience of working with all types of sportscards/mouthguards. Some of the most common types which we use are mentioned below:

Stock mouth guards-They are affordable and are pre-made. But in many cases, they do not fit very well. These mouth guards are heavy and can cause problems in breathing or talking.

Boil and bite mouth guards- Boil and bite mouth guards are available in pre-formed shape. But you can modify such a mouth guard by boiling it in water before biting into the warm plastic to ensure a customized fit.

Custom-made mouth guards- These mouth guards are designed in a dental laboratory and offer the best quality of protection to the user’s teeth. During your appointment with us, we will take an impression of your teeth and create a mouth guard based on that model. Since they have better fitting and make the wearer feel at home, they are widely used by athletes.