Tooth extraction refers to the removal of a tooth from its socket on the bone. If a tooth is broken or is damaged because of decay, dentists suggest patients fix it with either a crown or filling. However, in some cases, the damage to the tooth is beyond repair. In such a situation, teeth need to be extracted. A tooth which is to lose has to be extracted in case it cannot be saved by treatments like bone graft.

When do you need to opt for tooth extraction?

There are certain dental issues which can be only resolved through tooth extraction. Occasionally, baby teeth don’t fall out timely and obstruct the growth of permanent teeth. Some people have extra teeth which block the growth of other teeth. Individuals who have undergone may need to have some of their teeth extracted as they can be a source of infection. People who undergo such transplants are vulnerable to infection since they need to take drugs which suppresses their immune system.

What type of treatments do we offer?

At Rapha Dental Centre, we offer two types of dental extraction. They are mentioned below-

Simple Extraction– We perform this type of extraction on a tooth which can be viewed in the mouth. During the treatment process, we will loosen the tooth using an elevator. Following this, we use an instrument named forceps for tooth removal. Most of these extractions are done using a local anesthetic.

Surgical Extraction– A surgical extraction is required when a tooth has broken up at the gum line or is yet to come out inside the mouth. While performing this treatment, we create a small cut inside the patient’s gum to remove some bone surrounding the tooth or cut the latter into half for extraction. To undergo an extraction, you will get a local anesthetic. In some cases, we also apply anesthesia via a vein.

General anesthesia is used for patients with specific medical conditions. In case you receive conscious sedation, you might be given steroids and other medications in your IV line. The steroids will help in minimizing swelling and ensure that you are free from pain after the treatment is over.