Stain and deposit removal treatment is done by experts to remove plaque and visible surface stains. The treatment works by using 3 things-air, sodium, and a jet of water. Water and air pressure are utilized in order to blast away the plaque. Baking soda, on the other hand, is used as natural pumice for removing superficial stains which are caused by drinking, smoking or eating.

When should you opt for stain and deposit removal?

Dentists prescribe this treatment to patients who have heavily stained teeth caused by diet, smoking or consumption of red wine, coffee, etc. A combination of air and special airflow flavoured sodium bicarbonate powder is mixed with a water jet for plaque and stain removal from a patient’s teeth in a quick, painless manner. This cannot help in keeping teeth from plaque and calculus but also enhance its whiteness. The method offers wider teeth without teeth whitening. It checks the growth of plaque and calculus which can cause gum disease and tooth decay.

What types of treatment do we offer?

At Rapha Dental Centre, we follow a number of steps to perform stain and deposit removal treatment. Some of them are mentioned below-

  • At the initial stage, we assess your teeth to decide whether this treatment is appropriate for you or not.
  • Once we are sure that stain and deposit removal is the right treatment for you, we gently apply a jet of compressed air, water, and fine sodium bicarbonate particles on the tooth’s surface for getting rid of stains and debris. A patient can select from various flavours like cherry, melon, and mint to feel more comfortable during the treatment.
  • We will rinse your mouth to make you feel fresh.