Infographic: 4 Clear Indications of Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay

Cavities and tooth decay are issues which are faced by people at one stage of their life or the other. Dealing with dental problems is considerably easier if you have a clear idea of the major symptoms of tooth decay with the assistance of a family dentist Prince George. If you have been experiencing continuous or occasional pain in your teeth, meet an experienced dentist. If you feel tenderness or pain while drinking or eating sweet items, then it is a clear indication that your teeth are sensitive.

Once tooth decay starts, brow, grey or black spots can appear on your teeth. You can have a problem of bad breath if you have a dry mouth, or lack oral hygiene. People with a habit of smoking also have this problem. If bad breath persists for a long period of time, it may cause gum disease.

Indications of Tooth Decay

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