An Overview of Important Dental Services

Dental Services

Our teeth are something that many of us take for granted—until there’s a problem with them. Waiting until you absolutely have to see the dentist can cause long-term damage to your teeth, and result in painful emergencies. Regular checkups and good dental hygiene are the best way to stop problems before they start. Unfortunately, too many people ignore this advice until it’s too late. This is why dentists offer a huge array of services that can effectively rehabilitate someone’s entire mouth.

There are also times when people can’t help the state of their teeth. This may be due to the area of the world that they lived in, the cost of uninsured care, or poor dental care as a child. Regardless of the reason, it’s never too late to ask your dentist for help. Chances are, your dentist will understand and do whatever they can to get your teeth in the best possible condition.

It’s recommended that you visit your dentist at least once every six months for regular maintenance.

This allows them to thoroughly clean your teeth, make suggestions to your daily dental routine, and to catch any issues before they turn into emergencies. During these visits, you’ll probably spend the majority of your time with the licensed dental hygienist. This is the person who went to college specifically to learn about maintaining and cleaning teeth. They will scrape any buildup away from your teeth, clean in between them, and clear any deeply ingrained debris from your mouth. They can also go slightly below the gum line to stop decay where it can’t be seen.

After they’re finished, your family dentist will more than likely come in and proceed with a basic checkup. This is the time to voice any concerns, and to set additional appointments to see to them.

There are excellent Prince George dental care providers who can handle everything from the basics to full mouth rehabilitation. It can be a huge relief to find a dentist that you’re comfortable with who can perform all the necessary services. Being referred to another office for everything aside from a simple cavity can be nerve racking for many people. They find more comfort in familiar surroundings. These are just a few of the services to look for:


For those who have lost all or a large portion of their teeth, dentures may be the best option. These are prosthetic devices that are designed to fit perfectly in your mouth and to replace the missing teeth. Partial dentures hook onto existing teeth and fill in any important gaps. Full dentures are anchored into the mouth using creams, and are customized specifically for each individual. They’ll look natural, and allow you to eat again.


If you or your loved ones have ever needed braces, then you’ve dealt with a dentist who specializes in orthodontics. Very basically, this is the science of straightening the teeth and correcting misalignment. They can recommend different dental appliances in order to help teeth grow properly when the patient is young. Or, they can apply the best option for someone who is done growing but still needs their services.

Teeth Whitening

Many people experience yellowing of the teeth and discoloration over time. Whitening services can return their teeth to a lighter and more appealing color. This helps with self-esteem, and to improve the quality of someone’s smile. There are kits that can be taken home for minor discoloration, and there are in-office procedures that can make a drastic difference. Sometimes it takes a combination of techniques to show real improvement.