At Rapha Dental Centre, we believe that a healthy smile is a secret to good health. Over the years, we have won the trust of clients by offering high-quality dental treatments. Our areas of expertise include various types of cosmetic and general treatments luke dental filling, teeth cleaning, root canal therapy, denture, orthodontics, whitening, implant, etc. We adopt a comprehensive treatment approach for teeth & mouth which enables us to perform dental treatments with perfection.

Apart from treatment, prevention of dental cavities & gum diseases is essential. Therefore, preventive dentistry is vital for us. Our clinic is equipped with the latest, fully digitized Dental Radiology unit which helps in flawless diagnosis, enabling us to opt for the appropriate treatment method for each patient. Some of the distinctive features of our dental services are mentioned below-

Access to the latest technology- Our dentists have access to the latest technological equipment for use during treatment. Our medical equipment is updated periodically to ensure accuracy in the diagnosis process. The presence of the latest equipment helps us in performing complex dental procedures with perfection.

Empathy with patients- Our dentists empathise with patients to make them feel comfortable and are highly dedicated to their profession. They handle each patient with care and provide them with useful tips for oral care also.

Maintenance of a high level of hygiene- Our clinic has a proper disposal system for used materials. The waiting room is cleaned on a daily basis to make visitors feel comfortable. Our dentists have a good knowledge of dental hygiene and sterilization requirements for treatment.”

Presence of well-groomed staff- The success of a dental clinic to a great extent depends on the level of coordination between its staff. Our staff are polite and always willing to answer to guide patients in the best way possible. Their friendly behaviour makes patients feel free to ask questions.