Dental emergencies can be extremely critical. At Rapha Dental Centre, we offer comprehensive emergency dental care to preserve your teeth during the severe conditions like excessive gum bleeding, intense sensitivity, swollen gums, and toothache. We have a team of experienced and highly qualified dentists to handle these conditions promptly in Prince George.

At Rapha Dental, we believe that dental emergencies can happen anytime. Hence, we remain prepared with our after-hours services along with normal working hours.

Our on-call emergency dentists are always there to provide the required guidance and make necessary medical arrangements for the patients suffering from excruciating dental pain. Some dental emergencies like an injury need immediate treatment within half an hour or so to prevent severe damage to your oral health. As a reliable emergency dentist in Prince George, we are always there to guide the patients according to the particular issues and symptoms.

What Qualifies As A Dental Emergency?

The situations that can be covered under the definition of dental emergency include:

  • Knocked out tooth
  • Fractured tooth
  • Loosened tooth
  • Tissue injury
  • Abscessed tooth

All these situations are extremely painful. The conditions can be worse in the case of an abscessed tooth which can cause severe infection in the root canal. Our dentists are well-qualified to handle and cure any of these conditions with proficiency. As a trusted emergency dentist in Prince George, we take every measure to prevent potent tooth loss or excessive bleeding. To prevent internal damages, we can treat cracked and fractured tooth in a minimum time.

Why Us?

Whenever we receive an emergency call from the patients, our on-call emergency dentists evaluate the situation on the basis of symptoms. They can answer any query asked by the patients. We are a trusted dentist in Prince George with a strong reputation built due to our commitment to providing quality patient care. Also, you can personalize our dental care services to suit the individual needs of every patient. Our clinic is well-equipped with modern machinery and facilities required to handle any type of emergency situation.

To avail our emergency services, please call us immediately.