A dental crown is a tooth-shaped ‘’cap’’ which is placed over a tooth by dentists for covering the tooth. It helps in making a tooth stronger or enhance the way it looks. Dentists prescribe patients to opt for a crown in case they have a cavity which is too large for a filling or have cracked, weakened teeth.

When should you opt for dental crowns?

In some cases, a tooth can be fractured in such a way that it breaks in half. These fractures are so minute that they are not visible to the naked eye. A fractured tooth might cause considerable pain. A crown can help in restoring a tooth which has been damaged by such fractures. During treatment, the dentist will remove the fractured part or reshape the tooth to check the spread of microfractures from spreading and causing greater pain.

What type of treatments do we offer?

At Rapha Dental Centre, we are adept in placing different types of crowns to restore the tooth/teeth of patients according to their own needs. The different types of crowns we use for treatment are mentioned below:

Metal crowns- These crowns are made from gold and have a long lifespan. They don’t break or chip and don’t’ wear down the opposing natural teeth of a patient.

Composite crowns- Composite crowns look more natural as compared to metal crowns but usually wear down more quickly because of chewing. Brushing often removes its polished surface which can cause stains.

Porcelain crowns- These crowns are more brittle as compared to metal or composite. They can also chip easily. Therefore, they are not placed on the back teeth.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns- Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are sturdier in contrast to porcelain or composite crowns. They don’t chip as easily as porcelain or ceramic crowns. But, based on the design of these crowns, the metal might be visible if your gums are thin or shrivel.